News 2015

Massages for women only
We are now able to offer massages in our center where we will be happy to welcome you.
They will be reserved for women only. You can make an appointment at the following phones:
0091.989 471 93 38  – Gayathri
0091.989 448 04 35 – Daniela

Opening of the laundry
Following the purchase of a washing machine, laundry is finally opened. We offer a laundry and ironing service to local residents but also for guest houses.

Getting Started with the sewing workshop
As you can see below, at present we produce some simple creations.


You can place your orders directly through mail by writing to this address:

This workshop is in full development phase.
We are seeking partners or locations in order to more widely distribute our products.
We are also ready to engage with shops on larger production contracts or making custom templates.

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