Shanti was founded by Daniela Olmeda and her husband Debiprasad Ghosh in Pondicherry in 1997.

shanticentreThe story and evolution of Shanti are unusual, as nobody foresaw that one day it would become a registered organization. Daniela settled in Pondicherry in 1996, while Debiprasad has been staying here since 1968.
Seeing the situation and circumstances of many women and children in distress, they were spontaneously led to assist them. It was not really done in an attitude of “charity”, but more in the spirit of “exchange”, as there is always something to learn from all. Starting with a single woman with two daughters, it became four, then six and it continued to grow. They began their activities in the apartment they are staying in. When space became far too insufficient, they had to rent another house for continuing this work with the women and children. It is thus that Shanti was born.